Cubro values putting time into aiding and empowering those who need it. We value...


We will work closely as a team to achieve the best outcome for our customers and our organisation


We will be fair to each other and to our clients, while always delivering on our promises


We will drive a culture of introducing new ideas, equipment and systems


We will provide an environment where family values are respected


We will contribute generously to charitable causes


We will have understanding and empathy for the suffering of others

Latest News

I would just like to say thank you for the excellent video in services that have become available from Cubro. They are a source of information and I have been using them in my clinical meetings. It is helping the staff to deal with, and prevent pressure injuries, and helps me explain to relatives about the equipment that we use. As the videos are detailed, I am able to answer detailed questions from families about the products.

Nicky Rijns - Bruce McLaren Village, Ryman Healthcare