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Privacy Act

Cubro Limited (Cubro) will hold certain information about its customers. Some of this information will come within the province of the Privacy Act 1993, which does not apply to companies (the Act only applies to personal information about natural persons).

Cubro will hold information about its customers and associated persons like directors or guarantors (all referred to in this policy as the customer) only to the extent necessary to ensure that Cubro has sufficient information to do credit checks, register financing statements under the Personal Property and Securities Act 1999 and to provide its services as efficiently as possible in the customers’ best interests.

Cubro’s policy in respect to personal information about any customer is as follows:

  1. Personal information in relation to a customer shall not be collected unless the purpose is lawful and directly related to Cubro’s business.
  2. Personal information shall be sought from the customer concerned except where the customer expressly authorises Cubro to obtain information from other sources.
  3. Information solicited from the customer should not be more than is relevant and is accurate, up to date and complete.
  4. The collection of information should not intrude to an unreasonable extent into the affairs of the customer.
  5. Personal information shall be:
    • securely stored;
    • maintained for a specified period; and
    • prevented from unauthorised use or disclosure.
  6. A customer may seek clarification as to whether Cubro holds personal records concerning themself.
  7. Upon request, Cubro will provide a customer with a copy of all personal information held by Cubro about that customer and upon request by that customer, Cubro will correct any of that information that the customer proves to be incorrect.
  8. Accuracy of personal information should be checked before use.

Cubro does not sell or rent a customer’s personal information to third parties.


  1. Customers have the right to read any personal information kept about them by Cubro. Requests from customers to access files should be referred to the Privacy Officer of Cubro.
  2. Customers’ personal information will be securely stored by Cubro to prevent any unauthorised access, use or disclosure.
  3. All customer files will be destroyed 7 years after the last order placed by the Customer.